Women Empowerment is sometimes and in some communities, under-rated, neglected and not validated enough. The need for empowering women is a real need and it is more so in rural communities and even more so in tribal communities. Issues surrounding the lack of empowerment among women are of different nature in different economic & cultural groups. However, there are certain issues that run through all communities, despite differences in location, economic status, castes & cultural groupings.

Having said that, the significance of women empowerment, lies in the crude fact that a society is truly considered developed when all different demographic groups are developed or are progressively developing. A family, a community, a society, a country and at last even the world can be considered effectively developed when women are at a state & level where they can be enabled to contribute substantially towards the community, local, national & international.

BSS strongly believes, affirms and constantly works towards uplifting women to the level of meaningful and real contributions in the society.