The Home for Children at Risk (HCR) project is an effort to rescue vulnerable children from challenging and lacking circumstances, where they are devoid of basic child care & education. HCR Home provides comprehensive child care, providing residential care with all daily essential requirements and education/tuition support. HCR project was launched in the year 2012-2013 and has been providing constant care and support to 100 vulnerable children.

The latest year 2019-2020 has been the 8th year of project implementation. Several of the children who are part of HCR Home are still with us and have received regular mainstream education and good daily care. Some ofthe children have passed out of school and have received vocational guidance & support from BSS.

COMPONENTS In This project Include:

  • Comprehensive daily residential care
  • Providing wholesome food & balanced nutrition everyday [3 meals a day]
  • Monitoring & enhancing Health, Growth & Hygiene of children
  • Providing proper & qualitative educational support for children
  • To facilitate all-round personality development through sports & extra-curricular focus
  • To ensure Child Rights & protection from abuse


  1. Proper daily routines for morning-afternoon-evening-night personal chores, games, learning & relaxation
  2. Complete focus on overall personality development & long-term learning
  3. Balanced nutrition and wholesome meals 3 times, everyday
  4. Regular growth & health tracking and recording
  5. Timely health care services
  6. Emphasis on practical learning & proper exposure to all subjects and topics of learning
  7. Regular learning & performance tracking & recording
  8. Emphasis on outdoor games and physical development
  9. Emphasis on extra-curricular skills and activities
  10. Strong Child Protection Policy (CPP) and thorough monitoring of children welfare
  11. Regular awareness sessions, seminars and workshops for various skills & aspects of personal development
  12. Exposure and meeting with real-world inspirations and role-models

IMPACT THROUGH HCR PROJECT (2012-2013 until 2019-2020):

– 100 orphan / semi-orphan children are provided total (free) residential care

– All children are showing between 70-80% improvements in language, cognitive, social & gross motor skills

– About 60% of the children were rescued from child labour due to poor economic condition of their family and are now receiving mainstream formal education

– All the children are recording better growth statistics and are completely out of malnourishment

– Most of the children are catching up on developmental delays due to early childhood lack and neglect