Climate change is a reality that has affected every part of the planet. The rural communities, though not direct contributors, are equally affected and are vulnerable to climate changes. As a basic fact of the matter the rural communities are dominantly dependent on natural resources that are affected by the climate change and there is a direct link between rural communities and the natural resource base. Thus in responding to climate changes, makes them more vulnerable adding to the fact that they already face difficulties due to remoteness and limited access.

Our project area is one such rural community that already faces the effects of the impacts of climate change, in the form of severe droughts, shifting of planting and harvesting times, affects on health and well-being of rural residents, etc. In these circumstances, careful steps to proper adaptation and mitigation are the essential behavioural changes required.

C.M.C.J is a collaborative endeavour (along with RCPDS, Madurai), where we actively involve and engage children in the rural project community to actively initiate and carry through steps that encourage gradual adaptation and effective mitigation. C.M.C.J project was launched in the year 2017-2018. With 3 years of implementation, there have been real and measurable changes for the first ever set of efforts towards climate change in the project area of Dornakal Mandal.

The C.M.C.J program was initially launched in the state of Tamil Nadu, in the district of Madurai and spread to other states in the south of India. BSS is the Chief Coordinator for the program in the Telangana state and works to entire Telangana State.


  • Planting of saplings under Telangana Government run program, namely Haritaharam
  • Improved community hygiene practices under the central government program of Swatch Bharat
  • Reducing the usage & open disposal plastic utilities
  • Emphasizing farmers and supporting them in the usage of organic farming methods (like Panchagavya, etc)
  • Spreading awareness about the causes, effects & current internal steps for mitigation of climate change
  • Celebrating various days of international observance, like World Environment Day, World Earth Day, World Water Day, etc to spread awareness about these specific aspects & issues of climate change
  • Empowering & facilitating children to substantially participate in the C.M.C.J Movement
  • Encouraging more rural members to join the C.M.C.J Movement