The cause of Children focusses on children in 2 age groups: children unto age 5 & children between ages 6 & 17 years.


Early childhood is the foundation of a person’s life. The healthcare, nutrition, learnings, personality, everything carries on & carries out in one’s later life. Early childhood being so essential, calls for proper & total care and attention.


BSS, uses this category of activities to ensure that the awareness and significant steps are actually available, accessible & purposeful to the families in rural communities.


In conjunction with government Anganwadi Centres under the ICDS Scheme, BSS reaches out to all the families and supports them in providing good quality and meaningful early child care for all children upto the age of 5 years.



Education is an essential requirement for all children, and it is rightly protected in the form of RIGHT TO EDUCATION for all children. Whether it is the question of accessing education or accessing good quality education, both are issues that cannot be ignored. Combining both these aspects of education, BSS strives to reach out and facilitate all children in our project area to, both, get access to education and at the same time, get access to good quality education.


To allow this to work in the best interests of the children, it is equally important that the contributors in the educational system are well-trained and participate in capacity-building trainings, as well as, the parents/guardians to be well-informed and given an opportunity to be involved through effective PTA meetings, etc.


Under this cause, BSS ensures that all children in the project area, in the school-attending age of 6 years – 17 years, get a viable opportunity to attend mainstream school, with special focus on school dropouts and girl children, who are especially vulnerable in this aspect.