The Child Focused Community Development Project has been run by BSS since the year 2008-2009, as 1st phase in the Garla mandal (Khammam district). Currently CFCD is in its 2nd phase since the year 2015-2016, in the Dornakal Mandal (Mahabubabad District). This is a project with a comprehensive scope of rural community development with children as the main focus and the major group of beneficiaries, along with the emphasis on children being the drivers and direct participants in major project components. This project intends to uplift the rural community life with children as the main drivers of the change.

The project consists of 5 main components:

  • Early Child Care (E.C.C)
  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihood Support
  • CBOs & Networking

ACTIVITIES under this project:


  1. Regular nutritious food to children attending Anganwadi-ECC centres and to ANC-PNC mothers
  2. Monthly monitoring of health-growth records of children
  3. Regular Pre-School activities for children under 5 years of age
  4. Regular Mothers Meetings to help new/young mothers to be aware of various health as well as parenting issues that they must be careful about
  5. Capacity-Building for Anganwadi Teachers


  1. Daily Activity Centres(A.C) for tuition support for school-going children
  2. Mainstreaming of school-dropout children
  3. Strengthening Child Protection Program through direct involvement of children
  4. Distribution of books, school uniforms and other schooling aids
  5. Various student-led Awareness Rallies on various social issues in their community
  6. Capacity Building for A.C Animators & for parents for effective engagement through PTA meetings


  1. Immunization rallies & camps
  2. Regular theme-based awareness sessions on general health & hygiene
  3. Support & drive for construction of toilets
  4. Multiple Annual Health camps, for general health check-up & dental camps
  5. Monthly meetings for adolescent girls group & women group for health care support
  6. Lobbying with government for effective Health Centres Services in the area


  1. Support & awareness sessions for farmers in latest & green farming methodologies and various schemes
  2. Conducting veterinary camps & sessions for support in various non-farming livelihood practices
  3. Support & facilitation for Micro-Enterprises, to encourage multiple income sources
  4. Vocational guidance & seminars for youth to get into the workforce


  1. Capacity building for Banjara Development Committees (BDCs) formed in every village
  2. Support & guidance for existing SHGs and forming new SHGs
  3. Support for BDCs in lobbying with government departments for sanction of various schemes & rural public utilities
  4. Ensuring balanced demographic representation in BDC meetings, across all age groups & economic classes

IMPACT THROUGH CFCD-II PROJECT (2015-2016 until 2019-2020):

– 100% Immunization achieved in 65% of the project villages as of 2020

– 84% enrolment of children under the age of 5 in the Early Child Care- Balwadi Centres

– 90% children are in formal mainstream education; (Number of School Dropouts reduced)

– 60% of the youth benefit from Career Guidance Seminars & vocational training support

– Total of 362Women SHGs formed in the project area

– Occurrence of common hygiene-related illnesses are reduced to by about 30%