The B.S.S MISSION HIGH School (BSS HS) has been operational since the year 2013-2014. In the past 7 years of operation, BSS High School has successfully provided good quality education, with innovative & non-conventional teaching methods. The BSS High School has students from Nursery (Pre-school) until the level of Class X. Most of these children belong to a background where some of them are orphans & semi-orphans, parents are impoverished, guardians are unable to provide any educational support and hence this opportunity is very crucial for them. With the realization of the fact of the circumstances, BSS High School has dedicated all these past 7 years to bring them all up to a level where they can strongly & confidently stand up to other children and continue their life with hope.

The curriculum followed lays great focus on a great coverage of learning topics, that are age-appropriate for the children and at the same time, gives each child the opportunity to explore and learn more through books and the internet. The spirit of curiosity is greatly encouraged and never neglected. The teaching methods we follow emphasize more on practical learning, rather than rote learning. Few of the approaches we follow include: Learning preferences based approach to groups of similar children, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning and more personalized approaches rather than direct instruction. We follow the L-S-R-W way, which focuses on listening, speaking, reading & writing, in that order. Cambridge curriculum books are followed for curriculum. The teachers all act more as mentors to the children and the children are always enthusiastic about their classes.


  • Mixture of low-tech & high-tech teaching methods, catering to different learning preferences of students
  • Mixture of digital learning, kinaesthetic learning, audio learning
  • Student-centred teaching methods, rather than Direct Instruction
  • More emphasis on enjoyable learning & less stress of homework and examinations
  • Order of learning follows L-S-R-W [Listen-Speak-Read-Write]
  • Combined activities for different age groups to enhance cooperation & team skills
  • Personal learning & performances tracking of children
  • Balanced focus on learning & play
  • Emphasis on parental engagement through regular PTA meetings
  • Encouraging positive outlook and perspective through proper personality development


– 42 orphan / semi-orphan children are supported with total educational support.

– BSS High School students appearing Public Examination (SSC) secured 100% pass percentage with 10/10 GPA (Grade Point Average).

– All the children in the High School age group (11 – 15 years) actively participate in community awareness campaigns